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September 16, 2022 

BusinessForce Endorses Candidates in General Election

BusinessForce announces the endorsement of candidates for Orange and Seminole County that are running in the November 8th general election. These endorsements are made following a robust candidate review process by the BusinessForce Board and each candidate has earned an endorsement by demonstrating their commitment and support for pro-business public policy at the state and local level.

BusinessForce endorses the following candidates:

  • Jason Brodeur | Senate District 10

  • Fred Hawkins | House District 35

  • Rachel Plakon | House District 36

  • Susan Plasencia | House District 37

  • David Smith | House District 38

  • Doug Bankson | House District 39

  • Bruce Antone | House District 41

  • Carolina Amesty | House District 45

  • Mercedes Fonseca | Orange County Commission District 4

  • Mike Scott | Orange County Commission District 6

  • Jay Zembower | Seminole County Commission District 2

  • Amy Lockhart | Seminole County Commission District 4

“There is no denying that the political rhetoric in Central Florida is becoming more hostile toward the business community”, said BusinessForce Chairman Todd Wilcox. “You need only look at the rent control initiative in Orange County as evidence of the flawed public policy being promoted by incumbent politicians and candidates that align with the extreme progressive movement. BusinessForce is proud to support the pro-business candidates that we have endorsed in the primary election and those we are further supporting in the general election. I am confident the voters will send a clear message in November by electing politicians that believe in capitalism and a free market economy.”


About BusinessForce: 
BusinessForce is an independent nonpartisan organization and political action committee composed of regional business and community leaders. Our constituent board members represent the Central Florida business community and their tens of thousands of employees. We promote pro-business public policy through issue advocacy and by supporting candidates at the local and state level who believe in the principles of a free-market economy and sound, responsible business practices in government.

For more information on BusinessForce, visit our website at or contact:  Leslie O’Shaughnessy at 407-539-4944.

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